Air Freight

Air Freight

We offer door-to- door and door-to-airport services to over 800 hundred cities in major markets across the globe, specialising in time sensitive shipments.
Our lead times? 48-hour arrival at destination airport with Express Service, 3-5 days with Standard Service. This makes air freight, by far the fastest way to transport your goods no matter where the pick-up and drop-off points are. This service is essential when time is of the essence and the delivery is urgent.

If you are looking to transport your goods in a fast and reliable way, air freight is the way to go. Another advantage which goes hand in hand with this specific type of service is that the goods are handled less times than in any other type of freight solution. This makes air freight the go to way of transporting goods which are delicate such as electronic components, spare parts etc…

Whether you are interested in importing or exporting products, we can cater to your needs. If you are importing goods, we can handle customs clearance as well as the delivery. If on the other hand, you are seeking to export your goods, at Jet Freight we can handle the customs clearance, pick-up and dispatch too.

Where air freight is concerned, we can also offer customised solutions. If you have oversized cargo to import, we can organise the first leg by air and the second leg by sea. If your aim is that of exporting goods, we can organise the first leg by sea and the second leg by air.

At Jet Freight we also offer passive temperature control shipments by air for both import and export.


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